Ilona Kickbusch

"A new perspective on how we govern health and wellbeing is gaining ground. Health has become a critical macro-economic and political factor throughout societies; the result is that governments, businesses, communities and individual citizens are changing the way they act in relation to health. In the 21st century health and wellbeing are key features of what constitutes a successful society and vibrant economy – they are also critical assets for individuals in their everyday life."

Health Policy Innovations

Health 2020: WHO European Regional Office
Ilona Kickbusch has contributed to health policy innovations throughout her career. She was a member of the core group that developed the first European Health Policy based on health targets at the WHO Regional Office for Europe which was adopted by the member states in 1984. She was appointed senior advisor to the Regional Director of the WHO regional Office for Europe for the development of the new European Health Policy 2020. More information on HEALTH 2020 is available here.

“Governance for health in the 21st century”
One contribution to this work was the study “Governance for health in the 21st century”.

Gesundheit 2020 // Health 2020 - Switzerland
Ilona Kickbusch is a member of the expert advisory group of the Federal Councillor for Health Switzerland on the comprehensive strategy entitled "Gesundheit2020" (Health 2020).

Health in Portugal
Ilona Kickbusch was a member of the Gulbenkian Platform for a Sustainable Health System which formulated the report Health in Portugal: a challenge for the future 2014.

European Health Policy Forum Gastein
Ilona Kickbusch regularly contributes to the debates at the EHFG. The EHFG is the leading health policy event in the EU and takes place annually. It provides a major platform for decision-makers in various fields of public health & health care.

Adelaide Thinker in Residence
Ilona Kickbusch was invited by the premier of South Australia to contribute to health policy innovation in South Australia, During her time in Adelaide she developed recommendations on Health in All Policies – which were announced in 2009 and have been implemented since, see more.

Health Policy Innovations
Ilona Kickbusch served as the chair of the Academic Advisory Board AAB on Health Policy Innovation of the Merck Company Foundation from 2006-2008. In the publication on Innovation in Health Policy: Responding to the Health Society, Ilona Kickbusch outlines the challenges on which the Board focused its work. The outcome is presented in a book "Policy Innovations for Health" which was published by Springer in October 2008.



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