Ilona Kickbusch


"Positive management, for example the continued valuable contribution to the work force by the older generation, paired with pro-active measures, for example health promotion and disease management, can start to transform what some see as a looming crisis into a social revolution."

Global Health Diplomacy

Ilona Kickbusch is the Director of the Global Health Centre of the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

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The links between health and foreign policy are increasingly being explored. Ilona Kickbusch has been at the forefront of this thinking. In the context of leadership for this programme she has been spearheading the development of global health diplomacy.

To understand more about the relationship of health and foreign policy read the article in the British Medical Journal and analyzes the interface between foreign policy and health, it can be found here.

Some other key publications:

Courses in Global Heath Diplomacy are conducted all around the world. The flagship course is held in Geneva every year. 



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