Ilona Kickbusch

"The term Global Health stands for a new context, a new awareness and a new strategic approach in matters of international health. Its focus is the impact of global interdependence on the determinants of health, the transfer of health risks and the policy response of countries, international organizations and the many other actors in the global health arena. Its goal is the equitable access to health in all regions of the globe."

Global Health

Ilona Kickbusch is the director of the global health centre at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies Geneva, Switzerland since 2008.

Ilona Kickbusch has significantly contributed to shaping the new field of global health. She brings a unique mix of practice and theory through her positions at the World Health Organization and her academic work. More details on the Global Health Centre can be found at

She is involved in many global health initiatives and contributes regularly to global health events and debates around the world. She focuses her twitter activities mainly on global health issues: @IlonaKickbusch

NEW: Recently she has initiated the initiative on Women in Global Health on Twitter 

She serves on the board of directors of FIND - Foundation for new diagnostics



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