Ilona Kickbusch

"We must use the window of political opportunity for decisive action and enlightened leadership that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide to address a key set of local and global risks of our time—global health security risks. The increasing recognition of global health security needs to be integrated into the post-2015 development agenda and SDGs."

Global Health Security

Secretary-General's Global Health Crises Task Force
Ilona Kickbusch has been appointed as a member of United Nations Secretary-General Global Health Crises Task Force which has been established to support and monitor implementation of recommendations developed by the Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on the Global Response to Health Crises. The Task Force will exercise its functions for one year, starting from July 2016. more

Global Health Security has gained increasing attention in the global health governance debate.

Role of the Security Sector in Global Health Crisis
Ilona Kickbusch has contributed to this in her recent work. She is engaged in a joint project with the 'Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces' on the Role of the Security Sector in Global Health Crisis, more.

SDG 18 on Global Health Security
Health security needs to be integrated into the post-2015 development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this includes epidemics and antimicrobial resistance. Despite the importance of efforts to build stronger and more resilient health systems in the aftermath of Ebola, a more comprehensive, coherent, and effective framework is needed to deal with the full set of health security risks that we face at the local and global levels. Ilona Kickbusch has put forward a strong argument to include an SDG 18 on Global Health Security in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ebola Crisis: A panel of independent experts to assess WHO's response in the Ebola outbreak
The WHO Director-General commissioned a panel of outside independent experts to undertake an assessment on all aspects of WHO’s response in the Ebola outbreak. This is in response to a resolution passed during the Ebola Special Session of the Executive Board in January 2015. Ilona Kickbusch was one of the 6 panel members. The panel has since submitted its report which can be accessed together with WHO’s response. She has since reported these findings to many different initiatives engaged in improving global health security, more.

Chatham House
Ilona Kickbusch is an associate fellow at Chatham House, Center on Global Health Security



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