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"Positive management, for example the continued valuable contribution to the work force by the older generation, paired with pro-active measures, for example health promotion and disease management, can start to transform what some see as a looming crisis into a social revolution."

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"No one is safe until everyone is safe“- Effective Global Vaccination Strategies for Vaccine Access | Video

Ilona Kickbusch: «Le refus des Etats de financer davantage l’OMS est irresponsable»

Ilona Kickbusch: Schuldfrage in der Pandemie ist brandgefährlich

Podcast: Covid-19 Vaccine Diplomacy

SARS-CoV-2 elimination, not mitigation, creates best outcomes for health, the economy, and civil liberties

Die Ausrottung der Pocken

Germany contained Covid-19. Politics brought it back.

Gastkommentar: Koste es, was es wolle! - Corona-Impfstoffe müssen gerecht verteilt werden

Opinion: Western democracies must address vaccine inequity — whatever it takes

No COVID – a strategy to end the pandemic?

In the latest episode of #PublicHealthAnswers, we talked to @IlonaKickbusch to ask questions on #COVID19 & Health Literacy. Watch full episode here

US reengagement in the #covax scheme, as indicated by the Biden admnistration, will be a motivator for many other, richer countries to assist the scheme with cash, logistics, political support, etc., says @IlonaKickbusch on @TheWorld.

A new climate of cooperation in global health

International Security Forum Bonn 2020: Special Focus Day: What to Learn from the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Crisis Is A Signal – Need To ‘Reset’ Global Health Financing

Gesundheitsförderung in Zeiten von Corona

Biden faces new global health world order


How should we cope with pandemic fatigue?

Poor domestic response to pandemic undermining UK's global health announcements, experts say

As the U.S. Retreats, Other Powers Step Forward

COVID-19: Battling the Resurgence

WHO, the pandemic and Europe’s new global health leadership role

Dr. WHO auf dem Drahtseil: Weltgesundheitsorganisation im Spannungsfeld der Großmächte

World still 'at the beginning' of pandemic, says WHO special envoy on COVID-19

High-level body calls for new global health emergency framework, 'pandemic proof' future

Shinzo Abe's development legacy for Japan is here to stay

Öffentlicher WebTalk04: Internationale Perspektiven auf die Corona-Pandemie vom 28. Juli

‘Voor de WHO wordt dit de allermoeilijkste evaluatie ooit’

Eine Organisation am Anschlag

Who needs the WHO? Trump’s plans to sever relations in the midst of a pandemic has global—and potentially deadly— implications, explains ⁦‪@IlonaKickbusch‬⁩, director of the global health programme at Geneva’s ⁦‪@IHEID‬⁩.

Debatte: Mehr Frauen in die Gremien

"Globale Zusammenarbeit ist schlicht eine Grundbedingung für erfolgreiche Pandemiebekämpfung."

Inside Geneva podcast: Why can’t we unite in the face of a global health crisis?

Wer bekommt den Corona-Impfstoff? „Ein Unternehmen schafft das nicht alleine“

Pandemiepläne: Erkenntnisgewinn zwischen SARS und Schweinegrippe

No “Back to Normal” for the WHO

Science Diplomacy Against The Pandemic

How Will The U.S. And WHO Fare Without Each Other?

US withdrawal from the WHO ‘hasn’t been fully thought through’

U.S. Withdrawal From WHO Is Sad For Global Health And Bad For America

Battered with criticism, what's next for WHO?

Echo der Zeit: Wer erhält den Corona-Impfstoff?

Virtual Meeting: The WHO and the State of Global Health Governance

U.S. Ramps Up Bid for Taiwan to Join World Health Organization, Presses for Review of WHO's Coronavirus Pandemic Response

U.S. Leads the World’s Virus Fight? That’s News to the World

Die WHO handelt nach Richtlinien, die ihr die Mitgliedsländer vorgegeben haben – genau dafür wird sie nun kritisiert

The doctor making Trump queasy

Weekly COVID-19 Pandemic Briefing – The Geopolitics of the Coronavirus

Covid-19: Milliarden für einen Impfstoff

COVID-19: What can the G20 do to support the Fight against Pandemics in a Globalized World?

The EU’s coronavirus pledge drive message is clear. The mission is not.

WHO Becomes Battleground as Trump Chooses Pandemic Confrontation Over Cooperation

Corona-Impfstoff: Zwischen Profitinteressen und Weltgesundheit

$8 Billion Vaccine Fund, A Signal World Won´t Let U.S. Stop Global Fight

Flattery and foot dragging: China’s influence over the WHO under scrutiny

Ilona Kickbusch: «L’OMS sort souvent renforcée des crises»

Gender & Gesundheit. Im Fokus: "Systemrelevante Gruppen" u.a.m. Ilona Kickbusch

Wettlauf um das Gegenmittel - Wann und wie sind wir gegen Corona immun?

Interview Ilona Kickbusch: „Die WHO ist keine unabhängige Behörde“ lesen auf

Ist Trump mit seiner Kritik alleine? EU stellt sich hinter WHO lesen auf 

Kritik der WHO: Viele Länder schlecht auf Corona vorbereitet

WHO-Expertin Kickbusch: "Trumps Attacke ist ein Ablenkungsmanöver" auf


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